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Decix 1G=>1OG
17.09.07, 07:35
stefan29 a écrit:
> hey Oles any ETA for ASM-IX upgrade?

we are building 80x10G network to Brussels and from Brussels to
Amsterdam. so it will be up in 8-10 weeks.

17.09.07, 06:58
very bad news...

but the download speed is ok. so i can wait

17.09.07, 00:31
hey Oles any ETA for ASM-IX upgrade?

16.09.07, 10:21
Very good news
15.09.07, 22:10

Bad news:
I will get 2x10G from Paris to Frankfurt in 2 weeks but no way
to get a rack in Frankfurt before 5 octobre. So we will be able
to upgrade Decix only after 5 octobre. We will get a rack in
Interxion 4 in Frankfurt and all is full.

Good news:
A new 10G with DTAG will be setup in 2 months.