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total ovh bandwidth
06.09.07, 10:15
Our network is built on DWDM 10G. We use dark fiber and Infinera
to create our own network. Right now we have 100G Paris<=>Roubaix
and we connected 20G only. I ordered 20G more this wk. We don't
need more. It takes about 10days to add a 10G. easy, quick, great !

So our network between the city like Paris/Roubaix/Bruxelles/Amsterdam
is about 400G/800G of capacity max. To get a new 2x10G I have to plug
a TAM, to get 100G more I have to plug a DLM and to get 400G more
just add a new Digital Switch.

It's for our internal capacity of network.

From OVH to Internet we have about 100G (IP) right now.
10G with DTAG, 10G Sfinx, 10G Teleglobe, 10G Global Crossing,
20G Free Telecom, etc etc
I will upgrade decix to 10G, DTAG to 2x10G, Amsix 10G etc etc.

yke a écrit:

06.09.07, 09:54
900? wow would be amazing

06.09.07, 09:39
Afaik, at the moment just below 100Gbit/s. But it will have more than 900Gbit/s in the next few months.

06.09.07, 09:14
Hallo zusammen,
kann mir jemand sagen über welche gesamt Anbindung OVH verfügt?

could someone tell me the total bandwidth of OVH?