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09.09.08, 07:20
The RPS is an ideal Server for small websites.
But if i work on the shell, everything is extremly slow after a few days since the last reboot. Also an apt-get upgrade or similar is very slow.

24.05.08, 16:31
Sorry, i must say:
- the RPS is crashed sometimes and the german support do nothing, only write much emails but they not help
- the serverload is slow but ok for me
- the mysql is very very very slow ( the slowest mysql that i have ever seen)
- the reboot take a long time

this time i move my websites to my old hosting-company.

(RPS r12515/39341)

24.05.08, 12:48
iSCSI v2 seems to be a bit unstable. My RPS is connected to iscsi14 and 13/14 are down from time to time.
It also seems v2 is still a bit slow. If you access and click on a gallery item, sometimes it takes up to 1 minute to load the site. On my VPS it ran faster. You can also compare the speed running the same gallery on an old kimsufi at
Week 19: v1, the rest: v2

Maybe the slowlyness is caused by iscsi and NFS would be faster...

24.05.08, 10:56
Except the slow reboot (which of course sucks) I am quite happy with my RPS / OVH.
But as I have it for just a week and have to read of so many problems of other users, I'm kinda scared of the future, because I fear that I'll get these problems, too :S
So altogether I'm quite content .. but reading the problems in that forum isn't quite a good publicity for the RPS...


Bis auf den langsamen Reboot (was wirklich nervt) bin ich ziemlich glücklich mit meinem RPS/mit OVH.
Aber da ich das Teil erst seit ner Woche habe und von so vielen Problemen der anderen USer lesen muss, bin ich etwas ängstlich, was die Zukunft anbelangt, weil ich immer befürchten muss, die Probleme auch bald zu kriegen...
Alles in allem bin ich jedenfalls ziemlich zufrieden .. aber das Forum und die ganzen Probleme sind nicht grad ne gute Publicity für den RPS.
24.05.08, 09:30
Hi There !
I wonder what is your feedback right now about our services ?
Nothing works ? The bandwidth is bad ? Your RPS is down ?
You can't do what you expect to do ? Or everything is okey and
you enjoy your RPS ?