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English language available into panels?

25.03.08, 16:42

auf OVH.de sind Bestellungen nur aus Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Luxemburg möglich.
Kontakt mit dem Kundendienst ist nur auf Deutsch möglich.


25.03.08, 12:42
Tried to buy but I got this error: Das Rechnungsland für Ihren Bestellschein entspricht nicht dem Land in Ihrer Kundenkennung.

Same error also by trying to buy on co.uk

23.03.08, 23:29
The .co.uk ovh offers payments by visa, it should be ok.

23.03.08, 23:28
Do you think I have to live in one of this countries? That would be a big limitation for ovh business I think, you don't? That's strange because I can choose multiple countries when I register.

23.03.08, 23:15
i think its more of an issue where you live ... not where money comes from

23.03.08, 23:03
Ok so money had to be sent by money transfer? I can use both credit card and bank account.

I can also upgrade my plan if I need a better server?

23.03.08, 23:02
its possible to install servers with other languages, so it shouldnt be a prob...

only the payment and stuff... as i dont think youll get stuff if youre not in ger/spa/pol/uk/fr ...

23.03.08, 22:40
The "Manager v3" has English, German, French, Polish and Spanish available.
Bandwidth is unlimited with some caveats. What you can do? Order it and transfer the money?

23.03.08, 22:35

I'd like to buy a server with ovh, you have great prices and bandwidth (also in Germany it is unlimited?) but I'd like to buy a server here in Germany because of the fast connections , however I don't speak german.

Is the possibility to have english language into the panels? What can I do for buying a server with you?

Many thanks