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SoYouStart (DE) or OVH (DE) - Datacenter avalibility in DE & legal entity in DE

16.08.16, 22:41
As an alternate to a datacenter in germany, i advise you to check out strasbourg.

check ovh's speedtest here: and

16.08.16, 06:39
Ovh plan in the first quarter 2017 data center in Germany.

Here a picture from twitter.

15.08.16, 14:55
1) No, no DC in Germany.
2) yes, there is a company registered in Germany: ovh GmbH

15.08.16, 14:39
Hello, want to ask some questions about purchasing dedicated server in SoYouStart (DE) or OVH (DE).


1) Do you have datacenter located in Germany?
2) Do you have a legal entity (company) registered in Germany?

Thanks you very much.