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vRack Router Questions

02.04.16, 13:19

is anybody using the virtual Router Service of the vRack? Can someone point me to a documentation?

1. I managed to get VPN working but only for one Client (disconnects 1st Client if another client connects).
2. I was not able to get Split Tunneling to work.
3. I am completely in the dark what the privateLink configuration is. Is this only to connect to another vRack Router or can this be used to add route advertising to the vpn service to enable split tunneling?
4. Can this router NAT? Obviously not but asking doesn´t hurts. Can it be used as default gateway for vRack Services?
5. Where is the external interface of this router terminating? The internal one is connected to the vRack as far as i know.

Thanks a lot for enlighten me,