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Ordering from Kosovo

01.09.13, 20:12
If it's a OVH Server and no kimsufi, call them for quicker verification...

01.09.13, 17:46
Hi Isondolas, thanks for your reply,
I've writed to also a week ago but dont reply from them too, but maybe isnt that big problem.
I've ordered now with Albania as my country with +377 number, paid the invoice and received a message that order will be verified promptly by ovh team,

Hoping that the order and server will be ready by the end of next week.

31.08.13, 14:23
Hi Atd,

normally, all customers from countries without assigned OVH office, should try contacting the OVH central in France (
If you have a twitter account, maybe try tweeting with OVHs CEO Oles directly: @olesovhcom

good luck.

31.08.13, 11:44
Hi, I've sent thiss message to but maybe they dont respond to nonovh customers so I'm writing here, maybe someone of you understands english.

I'm interesting to order a server from but I have problems since my country isn't on ovh countries list.
Kosovo is new independent country from 2008 and accepted by many countries like United Kingdom, USA, France, Germany...
Since Kosovo don't have dedicated IPs yet, we in internet use Albania as our country, like in Paypal. But our mobile numbers are from monaco and slovenia +377 and +386.

I've verified paypal with Albania as my country, also have credit card from Raifeissen Kosovo that I use for buying on internet, now how can I order to, can I send passport, manually verification or something?

Thanks, Atd.